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Hiring Very Good Stump Grinding can save you time and hassle compared to full tree service companies or rental grinders.

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What is stump grinding?:

  • Removal of your stump by using high-powered equipment to grind it into mulch.

  • VGSG can grind down to 16 inches below the surface, completely removing the underground portion of the stump. Many rental grinders cannot do this.

  • Roots are also ground to help level land and remove dead material from the yard.

Steps for stump grinding:

Some quotes can be given over the phone or email. Call or email today and we can walk you through this process. If the job is complex or if it provides you peace of mind, we are more than happy to come inspect the property free of charge to supply you with an estimate. See “pricing” below for more information.

If there is a chance there are underground utilities near the work area, we will call for locates to be done. This is a two-day process. Once utilities are marked, we can safely begin the job.

We use our powerful machines to grind the stump to the requested depth. We then backfill the hole using the mulch byproduct. We can haul away extra mulch for added cost, but most homeowners covet the amazing mulch for garden beds.



Our prices are some of the best in town. The cost is calculated based on the width of the stump where it meets the ground, number of stumps, depth of grind, and complexity of access. To get the best price:

1. Cut your stump down to 10 inches or shorter. If you are unable to cut your stump down, we are happy to include this in your quote.

2. Consider a “skim grind”. We are able to grind the entire underground portion of the stump, However, if you are not building or replanting, but simply want to “flatten” your stump, we can save you money by only grinding the top portion of your stump. However, this does provide an opportunity for fungus to grow on the remaining portion. We are happy to talk you through the details of this option if you are interested.

3. We offer special rates for jobs with large amounts of stumps. We have done jobs with over 1,500 stumps on one piece of property! We are happy to offer discounts for “bulk” jobs.

4. Elderly, first-responders, and military personnel receive a 5% discount.

Why grind your stumps?

Value, preservation, and simplification! 

There are several reasons you should remove your stumps. First stumps are unsightly and decrease the value of your property and the nearby properties. Real estate agents will tell you that one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is through removing stumps. The cost of removal will almost always return to you in the increased value of your home. And your neighbors will thank you!

Stumps are not only unattractive, they can also cause damage. Leaving stumps in your yard can cause several problems. First, fungus such as mushrooms can grow on the dead stumps and roots and become invasive in your yard. Additionally, roots can strangulate utility lines or grow under your structures and cause damage. Lastly, stumps and their roots will keep you from being able to develop your property as you like whether it is for building, landscaping, or agriculture. Removing stumps protects your yard and home.

Furthermore, stumps are a headache. Having stumps in your yard makes mowing and land maintenance very difficult. Removing stumps allows easy access for all your machines and tools.
Clearly, it is worthwhile to get your stumps removed. VGSG can get the job done. Request a quote today!

Why hire out the work?

Many people try to remove stumps on their own, only to wish they would have hired someone! Stumps typically cannot be removed without renting specialized equipment like high powered chainsaws, grinders, or excavators. Renting the right equipment can be a headache and require multiple trips to and from equipment rental companies. The cost of this can easily be more than what we will charge you to do the same job.

Then, many people who are untrained at running these tools do damage to their property or injure themselves. Many unskilled people can break their utility lines, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Grinders, chainsaws, and excavators are dangerous machines for those who are untrained.

Lastly, removing stumps on your own is very time consuming and back breaking work. Many people spend several frustrating days or weeks trying to remove stubborn stumps on their own. Hiring the job out can save you valuable time and spare you significant hassle.

Clearly, removing stumps is a specialized process that is best done by a professional. VGSG has the equipment and experience needed. Save yourself a headache and call us!



Frequently asked questions

No. Stumps are removed through the process of stump grinding.
Click the “get a quote” button on our page or reach us by email, phone or text as listed on our “contact us” page.
We respond to all inquiries within 48 hours and set up timely consultations
Yes! Very Good Stump Grinding operates in all seasons and takes care that our machinery doesn’t damage your yard, even when the ground is wet.
While some people try this, they often end up hiring the job out in the end. Removing a stump on your own is difficult, requires expensive tool rental, and is very time consuming. It is worth your time and money to hire Very Good Stump Grinding.
Yes! We will work with you to decide which roots should be removed so that your yard is what you desire!
Yes! We offer discounted rates for large jobs.

No. Very Good Stump Grinding calls in locates so that your utility lines are clearly marked before proceeding. We carefully avoid these as we grind.

There will be holes where your stump and roots were removed, but this can be filled in the mulch that comes from grinding the stump. Grass and plants can be easily planted over this.
Removing your stump increases the value of your home, prevents fungus from invading your yard, allows easy access for mowing, and keeps roots from damaging your property. The cost of stump grinding typically returns to you in the increased value of your home!
If you are able, we ask that the site is free of any large items such as large rocks, planters, debris, equipement, etc. If you are unable to do this, we can include this in our quote. We ask that the lawn is not watered the day of grinding. It is also always appreciated when any animal droppings are removed prior to the work day.