uprooted stump removal

Recently a Portland Stump Grinder saved the day – us! Hey there, friends! Let me tell you a story about a day when my stump removal companyVery Good Stump Grinding, saved the day in a big way! It was a overcast morning when we worked with a family in a bit of a pickle. They had a beautiful old bench, a treasured family heirloom, that had been trapped under a stubborn uprooted stump in their backyard. They were worried that if the stump got removed, the bench would get smashed to smithereens!

Now, I knew we had to come up with a clever plan to save the bench while still getting rid of that pesky stumpSo, I gathered my team and we headed over to the family’s house to assess the situation. When we got there, we saw the problem right away. The tree stump was towering over the bench, and there was no way we could just yank it out without risking damage to the precious heirloom. But I wasn’t about to let that bench get ruined on my watch!

After some brainstorming, we came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of removing the stump in one big piece, we decided to carefully chip away at it bit by bit, making sure to avoid putting any pressure on the bench. It was slow going, but we were determined to get the job done right.

As we worked away, the family hoped that their beloved bench would make it through unscathed. And let me tell you, when we finally got that stump out of there without damaging the bench, there were cheers all around! The family was over the moon, and so were we. Not only had we successfully completed the stump removal in Portland, but we had also saved a precious piece of family history in the process. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

So if you are looking for someone who will remove your stump with care, call Very Good Stump Grinding for a free quote today! We would lobe to be your Portland Stump Grinder.