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Free Stump Grinding Quote in Portland

The first question we get on the phone is, “how do I get a free stump grinding quote in Portland?” or Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, etc. The answer is pretty easy. The customer has already done the first step by giving Very Good Stump Grinding a call. When you call, you will either speak with Bryce or Emily, the owners of the company. Both can facilitate the process of getting you your free quote. You can also reach us by email at

Bryce or Emily will start by asking you some question such as: Where are you located?  How many stumps do you have and how big are they? Are the stumps in your front yard or backyard? What is the access like – do we need to get up stairs, over hills, or through gates? Do you know what type of tree it was?

Once we have these questions answered, we can determine if we can give you a free stump removal quote remotely, or if we need to schedule a time to come see the site. We typically only need to come in person to quote if the job is complicated, such as having difficult access or many stumps spread over a large area (several acres).

If your job is straight forward, we will be able to give you a quote remotely. After you have answered the questions, we request that you text pictures of the stump to us with a measuring tape across the top. The pictures above are perfect examples. The stump is measured at ground level, the tape can be clearly seen, and there is a picture that includes the surrounding area. Pictures like this make giving stump removal quotes easy.

We pride ourselves on making the quoting process quick and easy for anyone who needs stump removal.