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Portland Stump Grinding Story

We just had to share this Portland stump grinding story with you! We had customers in Northwest Portland call us for stump removal. They had a tree taken down in their back yard. Unfortunately, the full tree service company they had remove the tree was very busy. They were not going to be able to grind their stump for several weeks. The customer had family coming to town, and needed their backyard to look great ASAP.

The customers decided to try and remove the stump themselves. They spent money renting a chainsaw from Home Depot and started to try and cut the stump out. You can see some of the gashes they removed in the picture. They spent a ton of time and effort trying to get rid of the stump, only to realize they needed a professional. They returned their useless rental and called us.

The customer was nervous that we weren’t going to be able to do the job because they had delicate landscaping surrounding the stump and a narrow gate. They knew a big, bulky grinder wasn’t going to be able to fit through their gate, and if it could, would damage their pavers and surrounding plants. But it is a good thing they picked Very Good Stump Grinding, because we are one of the only companies in Portland with the right tool for the job.

We were able to use our alpine grinder to remove the stump without damaging any to the surrounding landscape. The customer was amazed with our machine, which was a perfect fit for their job. We really are the experts with the right tools for your stump grinding job.  Learn from this story and don’t try DIY stump removal or calling a full service tree company. Instead, give us a call for your free stump grinding quote.