Portland Stump Grinder

New Stump Grinder in Portland

Check out this picture of our new stump grinder in Portland! We have started using it, and it is amazing! Got a stump to grind? There is no stump this machine can’t handle!

This machine is our biggest. It grinds to a depth of 27 inches below grade. Compare this to the stump grinders you can rent at Home Depot, and it is no comparison! There is no chance rental stump grinders can completely remove huge stumps like the one in the picture without taking a ton of time. This machine can pulverize them in no time!

Also, this stump remover has the widest sweep of any of our machines. This means each pass that it takes at the stump can cover more territory. This makes the removal much faster, which saves us time and you money!

Furthermore, this stump grinder has wheels instead of tracks. While our 70HP machine has tracks that are beneficial in several ways (such as on hills), it is nice to have the variety of wheels. They allow the machine to move over bumps and curbs faster.

Overall, this stump grinder is top of the line. Compare this machine to several of the 30HP machines full service tree companies have, and it is no comparison. And don’t get me started on rental stump grinders. Those things will not do a good job on huge stumps like this! They are so slow, even on small stumps.

This picture is a screen capture from a video. To see the video of the stump grinder in action, click here to visit our Facebook Page. We will also be updating our website with more information about our new machine soon.

This machine will ensure that you get your moneys worth for all your stump grinding needs. This is one of the top stump grinders in Portland, Clackamas, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Tualatin, Milwaukee, Happy Valley, Sandy, Estacada, and beyond. It elevates our stump grinders to a whole new level. We are true specialists. Call us for a free stump grinding quote today!