Very Good Stump Grinding Portland, Oregon location.

New Location for Portland Stump Grinding

We have a new location for Portland stump grinding. Our headquarters is out of Estacada, our hometown. But we are pleased to announce we have a new office location for all our Portland stump removals.

Portland lives up to its nickname of “Stumptown.” There are always stumps to grind there! This new location will help us better serve our Portland stump removal customers.

You can reference the photo above for our new Portland stump grinding office information. Or, you can find us if you google Portland Stump Removal. You will notice that our new office has a new number. No matter where you are in Oregon, you can get a free stump grinding quote by calling either of our phone numbers. 971-998-0774 or 971-998-8350.

As always, our website remains consistent. The info is the same for all of our Oregon stump removal projects. And remember, we serve anywhere from Government Camp to Hillsboro, and Portland to Salem.

We just officially set up our new office today. As you can see from the image, our new location has no stump grinding reviews yet, but we can’t wait to start getting them! Our primary location has 63 five star reviews, making us the highest rated stump grinders in the Portland area. We are the company you want to hire! Our stump grinders do an excellent job!

Lately our stump grinders have been busy with clean up from the crazy Portland weather. Boy has it been an interesting year! Where we live in Estacada, we only had a dusting of snow, but Portland had over 11 inches in some areas. As you can imagine, this crazy weather has caused some tree damage. We are here to help. Call us today for a free stump grinding quote.