Stump Grinding in Portland After 2023 Windstorm

Stump grinding fallen tree in Portland.

This is a tree we broke down and cleaned up before grinding the stump in Portland.

Our stump grinders have been getting tons of calls for stump removal in Portland after a couple windstorms. If you live in the area, you know that we have had several windy days since the end of the year. Driving around Portland, you will see many damaged or downed trees. If you have been a victim of the weather, give us a call. We can help you clean up your tree damage and get rid of your stumps.

You should know that many cities have laws that damaged trees must be removed quickly. If they are not, they can be safety hazards. Because of this, some cities will issue warnings or fines if the trees are not removed.

Thankfully, our stump grinders are highly skilled at clean-up of damaged trees and stump removal. This picture is of a stump grinding in Portland we did this week. We cut the tree into pieces, hauled it away, and removed the stump. It was a big project, but our stump grinders got the job done, no problem.

One customer who had a downed tree called us for stump removal in Portland. We got the job done, and he was pleased with our work. He gave us a 5-star review. You can see pictures of that stump grinding on our Facebook page.

Many of our calls for stump grinding have been coming in from the greater Portland area – Gresham, Milwaukie, Clackamas, and Oregon City. Because the tree damage is so widespread, our calendar is filling up. Our stump grinders can get you in promptly but call quickly. Our calendar is filling up! We will get you scheduled as soon as possible and get the job done right!