Grinding uprooted stump near Portland

VGSG ground this uprooted stump in Lake Oswego, near Portland. Before shot.

After shot of an uprooted stump removed near Portland.

After shot of an uprooted stump VGSG removed in Lake Oswego, near Portland.

Stump Grinding near Portland – Uprooted!

Stump grinding near Portland has kept us busy, especially with uproot stumps lately. Check out this before and after of an uprooted stump we removed in Lake Oswego! This thing was huge, but was no problem for our powerful stump grinder!

This huge tree fell as a result of the windstorms that came at the beginning of the year. Wind can do a ton of damage, and this client was lucky his house didn’t get hit when the tree fell. We recommend being proactive and removing any weak trees before the weather removes them for you.

If you have an uprooted stump, you may be tempted to try and remove it with an excavator. However, our stump grinders don’t recommend this for several reasons. First, most uprooted stumps are still attached to deep roots, making them harder to remove. Second, stumps are much heavier than you would think. Even skilled excavators can’t remove many of them. Lastly, an excavator can really tear up your yard and will leave a gaping hole where the stump was. Our stump grinders can handle any size stump and leave you with healthy mulch to backfill your hole.

Stump grinding near Portland has been booming since the windstorm. We have had jobs in Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Gresham, and others. Live near Portland and need a stump removed? Call today for a free stump removal quote. 971-998-0774. We offer competitive pricing and quality stump removal.

If you want to see some of our recent jobs and read more about the stump grinding process, you can follow us on instagram. We have been posting lots of pictures and reels of our stump removals. Our customers have been very pleased with our work, and we pride ourselves on quality. Check us out and then call today for your free stump grinding quote!