Very Good Stump Grinding West Linn Stump Removal

Stump Grinding in West Linn

We had an epic session of stump grinding in West Linn a couple weeks ago. We got hired for stump removal at an apartment complex in West Linn, just outside of Portland. There were a huge variety of stumps to remove. Some stumps were huge and some were small. Some stumps had easy access and some were difficult. Very Good Stump Griding was up to this massive stump removal job because we have all the equipment we needed to remove each stump – and we used almost all our grinders!

First, used our new852 Vermeer Stump Grinder on the large stumps that we could drive right up to. This machine allows us to remove the most common stumps in Portland – huge Doug Firs, oaks, cotton woods, and maples. With this machine, we can remove massive stumps efficiently. We used it to remove several big stumps at the  complex.

Also, used our 30HP machine to grind stumps with slightly more difficult access. This machine is smaller than our 852, so we can maneuver it into to tight places and drive it through delicate landscapes.

Additionally, used our Alpine grinder on the most difficult to access stumps. This grinder is hand-held, so we are able to carry it to stumps that our large machines can’t access. We use this stump grinder to remove stumps in flower beds, up stair cases, and on steep hills.

Lastly, we used our most trusty tools – our hands. If stumps are near utility lines or are otherwise not easy to remove with our machines, we will remove stumps with some elbow grease! We use our shovels, axes, and pulaskis to get the job done.

I don’t know that any other stump remover in the Portland area has the extensive set up we do. I am convinced that we are the only company who can show up with all the right tools ready to remove this variety of stumps in the greater Portland area!